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NATP fall conference in Alexandria

Oct 1, 2014

Just got back from NATP (National Association of Tax Preparers) conference in Alexandria. They were celebrating there 25th Anniversary so they had a lovely banquet for us. They also had the group Home Free who is an a cappella singing band who won the 4th Season of the Sing-Off on ABC last year. If you don’t know who they are go to their web site and watch their Ring of Fire video.

I am excited to start thinking about the 2014 tax filing season. I will be doing a lot of training between now and Jan 1st and will try and share a few things with you.


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NATP conference in Alexandria Sept 29 and 30th

I will be attending an NATP (National Association of Tax Preparers) on Sept 29th and 30th. I’m hoping to learn a lot and post a few interesting facts next week. We have a banquet Sunday evening and I am so looking forward to hearing one of my favorite bands, Home Free. They are a group who won the Sing Off on TV last year. We saw them at the MN state fair and they’re even better in person. This is a picture of them I grabbed on my phone.

2014-08-31 14.08.29